CRI is a leading provider of catalyst and environmental systems technology to the global petrochemical producing community. CRI has obtained exclusive global sublicensing rights for the IH2 process from Gas Technology Institute (GTI) where the technology was developed. Testing demonstrates that the IH2 process converts virtually any type of non-food biomass feedstock-such as wood, agricultural residues, algae, and aquatic plants to gasoline, jet and diesel range hydrocarbon fuels and/or blend stocks. CRI operates research laboratories, development facilities, manufacturing plants and business units throughout the world. It is dedicated to providing a broad customer base with innovative high performance, cost-efficient catalysts and technologies. CRI offers a range of products and services with specific focus on ethylene oxide production, environmental applications, selective hydrogenation, hydrogen separation and recovery, heavy crude processing and the production of renewable fuels.

ExxonMobil licenses refining, gas and chemical technologies and offers catalysts that provide significant value to customers.  As one of the world’s largest refiners and chemical manufacturers, ExxonMobil has extensive engineering and operational experience with these technologies and catalysts.  ExxonMobil solutions help manufacturers implement best practices that can contribute to cost reduction, margin improvement, environmental compliance, reliability and safety.

Gayesco International, now part of the WIKA group, is a world renowned leading provider of quality solutions to the complex temperature measurement needs found in the refining, petrochemical, and process industries. Since 1958, Gayesco has specialized in a custom-designed approach to manufacturing, installing, and servicing thermometry sensors. In many applications, Gayesco’s solution-based designs have become the industry standard—accepted and approved by major licensors and end users. The WIKA group offers temperature, level, flow, and pressure product lines to meet every demand.

Johnson Matthey is an international speciality chemicals company and world leader in advanced materials technology. Our process catalysts and additives are employed in the oil refining industry and are brought to the market through our complete range of products:

KATALCOJM – Catalysts for all process steps in hydrogen production from hydrocarbon feedstocks.
PURASPECJM – Fixed bed catalysts and absorbents which remove traces of contaminants from hydrocarbon gases and liquids.
CATACELJM –  Foil Supported catalysts for hydrogen production via steam reforming of hydrocarbon feeds.
INTERCATJM – Fluid Catalytic Cracking additives and addition systems used in the refinery FCC process to tailor the selectivity of the FCC and reduce regenerator emissions.
TRACERCO – Process Diagnostic services and Measurement Products

Dorf Ketal Chemicals serves the global refining and petrochemical industries with process chemical solutions and the global fuel additives and lubricant component additives markets with a broad portfolio of products and services.

We innovate and commercialize solutions that solve your most demanding problems. Finding new chemistry to overcome a challenge and improving refining and petrochemical profitability drives our commitment and dedication to our customers. We prove it every day with new chemistries that are more responsive to our customers’ needs and pragmatic to apply.

Rive is a developer of innovative zeolite-based solutions for catalytic and separations processes in the petroleum refining and chemicals industries. Through its Molecular Highway™ zeolite technology, Rive enables higher performing catalysts and adsorbents by improving diffusion. Rive has commercialized its Molecular Highway technology for Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) with W.R. Grace through jointly developed FCC Catalysts.  Rive is also commercializing its Molecular Highway technology for hydrocracking with Zeolyst International (a partnership between PQ Corporation and CRI/Criterion, Inc).

Active worldwide since over 40 years, CHIMEC has distinguished itself in developing and applying innovative solutions to the Oilfield, Refining and Petrochemical industries.
CHIMEC technologies are aimed to support our clients in optimizing processes, maximizing profits and reducing the environmental impact.
Thanks to our commitment, expertise and flexibility we are often known as the company providing the highest level of service.
Beside the leadership in Visbreaking treatment, our DEKO technology has been recognized as “Best in Class” by many petroleum companies.


BHTS is an affiliate of Bechtel Oil, Gas and Chemicals (OG&C), which is responsible for serving Bechtel’s customers in the oil and gas industries (both upstream & downstream) on a worldwide basis. Bechtel has been engaged in the planning, engineering, procurement, and construction of refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, pipelines, and production facilities for over 60 years. We have also been responsible for more than 30 percent of the world’s current LNG capacity.

BHTS’s international staff of technical experts spans a wide range of process technologies, complemented by many years of operations experience. BHTS licenses technologies in Delayed Coking, Lube Oils & Waxes, and Sulphur Recovery, and also provides Consultancy services in all areas of OG&C’s business. We also offer expertise in advanced energy technologies, gasification, and alternative fuels.


CB&I is the most complete energy infrastructure focused company in the world. With 125 years of experience and the expertise of approximately 54,000 employees, CB&I provides reliable solutions while maintaining a relentless focus on safety and an uncompromising standard of quality.

As one of the most complete providers of a wide range of services including design, engineering, construction, fabrication, maintenance and environmental services, no project is too big for CB&I. Our timely and cost-effective solutions not only satisfy our customers’ needs, but also improve the quality of life for people around the world.

CB&I is the first engineering, procurement and construction company to win the Green Cross for Safety medal. This is an accomplishment that every one of our employees should take pride in because they made it possible.  We thank them for helping CB&I earn this recognition and for their continued efforts to make this company a safe place to work every day.

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