Qpinch is an innovative chemical heat pump technology that converts industrial waste heat into carbon neutral process heat.

Waste heat exists due to the lack of economically and/or technically viable solutions to exploit it. Challenges in Oil & Chemical industries to recover waste heat include:

  • The need for high increases in temperature
  • Easy integration in existing assets
  • Low opex: e.g. low electrical energy consumption
  • Scale: Solutions need to be megawatt-scale in order to be of relevance

The solution: The Qpinch Chemical Heat Transformer. It uses thermal compression to convert now-worthless waste heat into new process heat.

Designed with chemical industry standard components, it can deliver 8300+ hours of process heat with almost no Opex and with duties of 1 to 100+ MW.

We’ll be presenting our breakthrough innovation and first business cases on stage and at our booth.

Come and visit us and check for more information.

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