Kairui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

KaiRui Environmental Protection Technology is a known chemical process developer and catalyst manufacturer in China with the largest production capacity of resn catalyst in Asia. It has made remarkable progress on C3,C4,C5 deep processing and utilization, and its products are adopted in SINOPEC, CNPC,CNOOC, RESPOL,IOCL, SABIC, SAUDI, ARAMCO, PDVSA, ISUCHEM.

The products of KaiRui are involved and applied in the field of etherification, hydration, esterification , cyclization, alkylation, hydrolysis, polymerization,condensation,disproportionation,refining/purification,adsorption and separation, desulfurization,deacidification,olefin-removal etc. Major applications include synthesis of MTBE, ETBE, TAME, TBA, IPA, Nonylphenol, Acrylic esters, BPA, DME, purification and refinning of MEG, Phenol/acetone, Caprolactam, Hydrogen Peroxide, Reformate. KaiRui is a known licensor on Process technology of MTBE production, TAME synthesis, C4 comprehensive utilization of MTO and Coal to Oil side products, Sec-butyl acetate production, MTBE desulfurization, TBA production, MEG aldehyde removal and purifiction, Liquid-phase DME production etc, all of them have been commercialized in China with acitve contributon to the Petrochemical industry.



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