Crealyst Oil

Based on years of expertise in optimizing industrial processes as an independent partner, CREALYST offers global services to oil, gaz, and petrochemical industry, as well as licensors and catalyst handling companies. During maintenance of fixed-bed catalytic reactors and adsorbers, CREALYST performs catalyst Homogeneous Dense Loading® using Calydens® or Calynet® patented equipments, and associated assistance as inspection, supervision or training. Additional services can be released with Calyhawk® unique mobile automatized technology for catalyst bed control and monitoring, or Calyroof® to make top bed cover fully secure. CREALYST’s reputation has been built on technological innovations bringing significant improvements to the customers : higher quality, reactivity and safety during operation. CREALYST has invested every year, for developing “useful” innovations. For this purpose, CREALYST has recently opened a new R&D center with a “scale one” vessel of 4 meter diameter for better understanding complex physics, for helping designing products, and for training.

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