Tie-Pan Shi

Technical Director
Qingdao Huicheng Environmental Technology

Tie-Pan Shi joined HCpect in 2016 as Technical Director of the largest privately-owned FCC catalyst producer in China. Previously, he worked at Phillips 66 for ten years on catalysis, biofuels, and refinery FCC support. He managed the research and development FCC lab for refinery catalyst selection, provided catalyst recommendations, and troubleshot unit issues. After he got his Ph.D. degree in year 2000, he spent 2 years at AIST Japan and 4 years at University of Kansas. Currently he has 14 patents and more than 10 publications.

Company profile:
HCpect is the largest privately owned FCC and additives producer in China. In ten short years, HCpect was able to offer a full line of FCC catalyst suitable for low metal VGO or heavy resid feedstocks. Excellent products, friendly price, swift logistics, and excellent technical service are the key enablers for HCpect to quickly venture into the international market. HCpect welcomes inquiries and strives to offer the best catalyst for your FCC unit.

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