Bradley Houk

Open Process Automation Program Manager


Brad is a Senior Engineering Advisor with ExxonMobil. Brad has more than 30 years’ experience in the refining and chemicals industry. Most of his career has been focused in the control and optimization areas having been involved in the full range of activities from regulatory controls through raw materials valuation. Since October 2017, Brad has been the Program Manager for ExxonMobil’s Open Process Automation program which is leading the development of a standards-based, open, secure and interoperable process control architecture.  Prior to directing the Open Process Automation program, Brad led the global roll out of a new modeling and optimization platform and applications used for feedstock selection and production planning at ExxonMobil’s refineries and basic chemical plants.

Brad has a chemical engineering degree from Georgia Tech. During his career Brad has worked in R&D, engineering and manufacturing roles.  He was a critical contributing to the growth of model based constraint control applications before moving into program leadership.  Brad has been based in Texas, New Jersey, Virginia and England as part of his support for ExxonMobil’s global downstream and chemical assets.
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