Rohan Khandelwal

Lead TS Specialist

Rohan Khandelwal is a Lead FCC Technology Services Specialist at UOP based in New Delhi, India. In this role, he is responsible for providing FCC Process Technology support to refiners in FEI (Far East & India) and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) regions. Rohan is extensively involved in Pre-sales & after-sales service support to customers. Rohan is a Chemical Engineer from Nagpur University with 12 Years experience, primarily in FCC Technology Operations & Technical Services. He started his career with Reliance Jamnagar refinery where he worked for 5 years in FCC units and thereafter he had a brief stint at Technip before moving to UOP in 2012.

  • Impact of upcoming MARPOL specifications may introduce opportunity feedstocks for existing FCC and RFCC operators to enable higher profit margins
  • Heavier feedstocks can provide new operating challenges for an existing FCC or RFCC unit beyond their original design capabilities
  • New and Innovative concepts can be considered and implemented during FCC or RFCC unit revamps to take advantage of these opportunity feedstocks

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