Pat Leung

Global Business Manager
CRI Catalyst Company

Pat Leung is currently a Global Business Manager at CRI Catalyst Company (CRI) headquartered in Houston, Texas.  CRI, a fully owned subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell, plc, is the exclusive global sub-licensor of the IH2 biomass-direct-to-fuel technology.  Pat holds B.S., M.S., and M.BA degrees and has an extensive 27 years of experience in various functions within Shell ranging from catalyst R&D, Supply and Distribution to her current responsibility of licensing the IH2 technology globally including catalyst sales.

Pat Leung will be speaking at:

 IH2 Technology Demonstration Update

  • Updating status of the IH2 demonstration unit at the Shell Technology Center in Bangalore, India.
  • Latest product quality.
  • Product certification and registration.


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