Dr Vinay Amte

Lead Research Scientist
Reliance Industries

Vinay Amte is a Lead Research Scientist-R&D Refining at Reliance Industries Limited,India. He has been with RIL since 2011 and working in process development of adsorption based
fluidized bed process for CO2 capture and various CO2 utilization initiatives like process development of organic carbonates, reverse water-gas shift etc. He has over six patents on CO2 capture and utilization and published various articles on process synthesis of reactive distillation systems and CO2 capture process. He is specialized in process design and development, simulation modelling, energy saving design etc. Vinay earned his PhD (Chemical Engineering) in the field of process synthesis of reactive distillation in 2011 from Indian Institute of Technology- Bombay, India. He holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur and National Institute of Technology,
Raipur, India.

Dr Vinay Amte will be speaking at:

A new energy efficient sorbent-based process for CO2 capture from Flue Gas

2017/01/27 14:30 - 14:50

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