Dr. Steve Matza

Chief Scientist
ZymeFlow Decon Technology

Dr. Steve Matza has over 39 years of experience in industrial chemistry. He earned his bachelor of science from SMU and his doctorate from Purdue’s prestigious Analytical Chemistry program. Matza interned at NASA and spent many years at Shell as a Research Chemist, Senior Process Chemist, and Corrosion Specialist before he joined ZymeFlow Decon. He holds 9 patents and has several published papers. In his current role, Matza is responsible for research and development, product recommendations, technical support, and exploring new application areas. Matza has also been instrumental in the development and introduction of several new chemistries to the ZymeFlow Decon Technology product line.

Dr. Steve Matza will be speaking at:

Best practices for cleaning bottom-of-the-barrel deposits during a turnaround

2017/03/30 14:00 - 14:20

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