Brig Gen Toto Siswanto

Executive Director
National Resilience Council Indonesia (Dewan Ketahanan Nasional)

Brigadier General Toto Siswanto, S.IP, M.M graduated from the Indonesian Military Academy in 1984. He then attended several military training and educations, such as: Field Artillery Basic Officer Course (USA) in 1989, HRD Course (UK) in 1993, FA Advance Course in 1995, Army Command and Staff College in 1998, Defence Attache Course in 2003, and the US Army War College in 2009.

He obtained his Master Degree in 2011 in Indonesia. He was assigned in several staff and command position, such as: Platoon Commander of the 2nd Field Artillery Battalion in North Sumatra Military Area Command in 1984, Instructor at the Indonesian Army Field Artillery Center in 1995, Commandant of the 13th FA Battallion of The Army Strategic Command in 2000, Commandant of Military District Command in South Sulawesi in 2002, and the Indonesian Defence Attache for Tokyo Japan in 2003 until 2006. Senior Officer for Foreign Affairs at the Indonesian National Defense Forces HQ, and Deputy Assistant at the Indonesian National Resilience Council.

He has been appointed as the Deputy Assistant at the Indonesian National Resilience Council since February 2012. His military overseas assignment were to USA, UK, Japan, Finland, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, The Phillipines, Thailand, Singapore, China, Turkey, Australia, and Austria. He decorated with medals from the Indonesian National Defence Force, they are: Long Service Medal 8, 16, 24 years, Kartika Eka Phaksi Nararya, and Dwidya Sistha Medal (Education). He was born on April 18, 1962 in Subang, West Jawa.

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