Adida Hanim Bt Abdul Hamid

Staff Engineer (APC & Optimization)

Adida Hanim is a Chemical & Process Engineering graduate from National University of Malaysia in year 1999 and has joined PETRONAS in May 2000. She has 18 years of working experience in refinery with earlier 4 years of her tenure she was assigned as an Environment Engineer in MRCSB. In year 2004 she had decided to change her portfolio to practice Chemical Engineering. Since then she has led APC Projects for CDU, CRU-CCR, Lube Plant Oil and Implemented Steady State Optimizer for CDU-CFU-VDU Lube. She has also led OTS project for CDU, CRU-CCR, SRU, DCU, DHT and ISOM. Currently she is monitoring the overall performance of APC at MRCSB for both PSR1 and PSR2.

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