Biofuels in Asia: what does the growing biofuels market mean for refiners?

09:30 - 09:50

The advent of alternatives (including biofuels) have been impactful to the refining industry in Asia. This will continue in the years ahead, and even more so. Refiners need to understand the changing dynamics and trends of alternative fuel developments in Asia.

The Asian Clean Fuels Association (ACFA) has been working closely with government bodies in Asia. This presentation will focus on the latest development of alternative energy, particularly the biofuel trends, in Asia. We will be looking at several case studies in Asia, where the biofuel programs had been implemented and sharing on the successes and challenges of the programs. We will also be looking into the electric vehicle trends in China and Japan. On the jet fuels and marine fuels, we are seeing that the biofuel volume taking over a major share of the market in these two sectors.


  • Clarence Woo Executive Director - Asian Clean Fuels Association

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