Interview with Dr Steve Matza

Dr Steve Matza, Chief ScientistZymeFlow Decon Technology

Dr. Steve Matza has over 35 years of experience in industrial chemistry. He earned his bachelor of science from SMU and his doctorate from Purdue’s prestigious Analytical Chemistry program. Matza interned at NASA and spent many years at Shell as a Research Chemist, Senior Process Chemist, and Corrosion Specialist before he joined ZymeFlow Decon. He holds 8 patents and has several published papers.

In his current role, Matza is responsible for research and development, product recommendations, technical support, and exploring new application areas. Matza has also been instrumental in the development and introduction of several new chemistries to the ZymeFlow Decon Technology product line.

  1. What do you see as the biggest opportunities for Asia’s energy market in the next 12 months?

The easiest and biggest change any market can do, but especially Asia, is adopting new technology and processes. We have seen small changes make huge differences in refineries and petrochemical plants worldwide. In our area of expertise (process unit decontamination), Asia has not taken advantage of new practices as quickly as some other regions. This can be a huge opportunity in the future since some of the practices are quite minor but can have a large impact on the bottom line.


  1. Can you tell me a little about why Zyme Flow invested in the development of technologies that can assist in bottom of the barrel activities?

ZymeFlow Decon takes pride in partnering with our customers to help achieve the fastest and safest vessel entry during turnarounds. Many of these customers whom we built relationships with are the ones that challenged us to develop a best practice to help them with the sludge and coke build-up often found in their heaviest units such as cokers and visbreakers. They were really looking for something that could reduce or eliminate the need for mechanical cleaning the heavy units after decontamination. We had a chemistry that did help to fluidize the heavy bottoms but we pushed ourselves to develop a new chemistry which was even better. We worked on the new chemistry in the lab and had several customers that let us do trials until we found the most optimal best practice. As word has spread on how much this helps reduce overall time including mechanical time on the backend, decontaminating these heavy end units has been our most requested service worldwide.


  1. What do you think the main benefits are of events such as ARTC for the industry?

Too often new technology and information is kept within a company and it’s hard to find ways of really getting the message out there. Events like ARTC allow the industry to continuing advancing by sharing information and best practices from around the world. This helps not only in topics such as saving time and increasing profits but also in achieving environmental compliance, keeping good employees, etc. that will also help a company run successfully.


4. What are the main benefits for Zymeflow of sponsoring events in this industry?

ZymeFlow currently works in 55 countries with our headquarters in Houston (USA). We find these conferences so valuable to really connect with new and current customers outside of the turnaround environment when we’re typically onsite. We get the chance to talk with our customers and find out what best practices or new advancements they are seeking. Attending these conferences and interacting with a variety of customers and technology leaders is also one of the reasons we are able to continue being the industry experts in decontamination.


Our mission is to help connect the world’s leading technology providers with senior oil refinery and petrochemical engineering professionals, through a series of market-leading events that engage, inspire and inform out customers on the latest advances in technology and the dynamics of the global oil industry.



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