Interview with Sashikant Madgula, Regional, Licensing Manager – Southeast Asia, GTC Technology

Can you tell us a bit more about what you’ll be speaking about in the GTC workshop at ARTC? Why is it particularly relevant now/in Asia/both?

GTC’s workshop seminar will focus on advanced process technology solutions that address the modern challenges for producing clean fuels (Euro V compliant), integrating refinery and petrochemicals streams, and improving energy efficiency of assets by custom fractionation solutions.
The interactive sessions will include case studies and provide a forum for technical and informed business decisions enabling discussions for new investments and revamps in the refineries and petrochemical complexes.

Can you tell us more about the technologies you will be discussing and how they are relevant Asia’s Refiners?

One of the technologies discussed will be GT-BTX PluS which can be applied to the cat-cracked gasoline hydrotreating stream in many Asian refineries who are currently upgrading their refineries to produce cleaner fuels to meet Euro V/VI standards.

This proven technology can be applied to successfully prevent significant octane (RON) loss in their process efforts to make ultra-low sulfur gasoline and thereby improve refinery margins. This technology has many other benefits as well to the gasoline hydrotreaters and is extremely valuable for any Asian refiner operating or planning FCC/RFCC/DCC units in the future.

Why have you chosen ARTC as the platform to share your insights? What are you most looking forward to?

ARTC is a great platform where every year many delegates ranging from technical leaders to business leaders from all the major refineries in Asia congregate and GTC would like to use the platform to showcase value-adding technologies from GTC to their plants. It will also be a great opportunity to interact among other existing clients of GTC in the region.

What do you see as the single biggest challenge facing Asia’s refining sector today?

From a process point of view, one of the main challenges in the Southeast Asian refining sector is to maintain refining margins while trying to upgrade to more stringent environment standards in the future.

This would require a very careful and detailed configuration study that includes innovative value-adding technologies that can achieve the refiners target with the lowest cost impact and have good flexibility. GTC can offer some of these innovative technologies to address the refiner’s challenge.

What do you see as the biggest opportunity for Asia’s downstream industry in the next 12 months?

The biggest process technology opportunities seen in Asia’s downstream industry are the ones that can enable:

1. Refining and petrochemical integration

2. Most economical environmentally compliant fuel production

3. Investment into grassroots petrochemical projects

What do you think are some of the most exciting projects currently happening in Asia?

Many exciting projects are happening in Asia especially in the petrochemical space. A few examples are ChandraAsri’s new grassroots steam cracker in Indonesia, the Long Son project’s new grassroots steam cracker in Vietnam, and other cracker projects planned by major companies in Korea.

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