Interview with Napaporn Ratanapoka

Q1          What is your single biggest concern for 2016 and beyond
[Napaporn R.] Refinery margins will be narrow due to over-supply impact from Shale Oil production.

Q2          How can Asian refiners and petrochemical producers enhance their operational excellence and improve cost-efficiency
[Napaporn R.] Synergy between Refineries (Refinery with Refinery with different configuration) and also considering Petrochemical complexes (Refinery with Pet-chem or Pet-chem with Pet-chem) can bring new opportunities to maximise value from by-products streams.

Q3          How much of a challenge do  current and future regulations provide
[Napaporn R.] To survive if regulation changes, strategic projects need to be studied now and not wait until firm mandates are issued for new regulations / specs.

Q4          What changes have you seen in refining as a result of the low oil prices
[Napaporn R.] With low oil prices, Refinery Margin is still not narrow down, however, oil stock management is a major concern in order to enable maximum profit in this situation.

Q5          How important are energy costs and efficiency to refiners and petrochemical producers
[Napaporn R.] Energy is the major portion of the operating cost of  Refinery and Petrochemical complexes, to increase energy efficiency will result in significant reduction of Operating cost.

Q6          Why do you think events such as ARTC Annual Meeting are important for the industry?  What do you find most beneficial about attending?
[Napaporn R.] ARTC is one of the forums which enables experts, manufacturers, and suppliers to discuss together how to ensure that we have the same understanding on what should be the region’s focus; how to get maximum benefit from existing technology and explore new technology to improve efficiency.

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