Interview with Andriny Rusman

Andriny Rusman, Principal Engineer in the Process Control Department, Group Technical Solutions in PETRONAS, will be joining us at ARTC 4.0 in Kuala Lumpur this April to present her paper “Get it Right – Designing Regulatory Controls to Support Optimization”. By adding an entire day dedicated to digital transformation in the downstream sector at ARTC 2018, we’re making sure that all your digital questions will be answered.


We caught up with Andriny to hear her views on digital transformation and the future of the refining industry…

As the pace of digitalization accelerates, everyone is asking just how the downstream industry will be affected. For Andriny, the answer is simple. “Three big words: Efficiency, Cost and Safety” she says. As three of the key considerations for any project, these are also some of the biggest focuses for digital implementation.

Digitalization “changes our way of working, by immediately having feedback on how we are doing things to see if the situation and conditions are improving. This makes things safer for our industries,” says Andriny. She’s not alone – in a recent World Refining Association survey of industry professionals, 62% of participants indicated favourability towards digitalization in their workplaces. (Read the survey report here.)

When asked about the potential risks, Andriny remembers a quote from Benjamin Disraeli: “‘There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.’ Data is the backbone of any statistical analysis, so if rubbish goes in, rubbish comes out.” Clean data is vital!

So, how will Andriny’s presentation at ARTC 4.0 address these issues?

She will outline an innovative design-review program that addresses the gap in effective process behaviour management. This provides assurance that new process facilities are designed to be inherently stable during the critical start-up phase till the normal operations phase.

The program also addresses design gaps in addressing the potential of human-error and design gaps preventing the facility to run its optimum point in a sustainable manner.


Andriny is the Principal Engineer in the Process Control Department at Group Technical Solutions (GTS) in PETRONAS. She is also the group lead of the Process Control team of 15 specialists and engineers. Her specialty is in Advanced Regulatory Controls, working with complex controls implemented in the Distributed Control System network, or vendor-based stand-alone control system. This is typically combustion controls, anti-surge controls and supply-demand controls.

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