Stand number: B18


Johnson Screens (a brand of Aqseptence Group) manufacture a range of products used for media retention and liquid-solid / gas-solid separation in many types of vessels, systems and processes.
Major manufacturing facilities around the world include: USA, Australia, France, Japan and India.

The company also offers extensive Field Service for Johnson Screens internals. Expert technicians providing on-site project management, installation supervision, and/or inspection and repair services. Our products and services come with decades of experience, solid engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing practices.

Johnson Screens products are integral with all major Refining, Petrochemical, and Natural Gas processes, including: Alkylation, Ammonia Conversion, Catalytic Reforming & Platforming, Catalyst Regeneration, Dehydrogenation, Gas Dehydration, Hydrocracking, Hydrodesulphurization, Hydrotreating, Isomerization, MTBE, Mercury Removal, Molecular Sieve, Paraxylene, PDH, PSA, PTA, Styrene Monomer.