Case Studies

At ARTC 2018, we increased the standards surrounding originality, innovation, and relevance of presentations in order to provide better quality and more original content.

We encouraged co-presentations, ensuring that you got technical insights as well as practical information from peers who had already used the technologies.

2018’s co-presented case studies included:


Jacking of Live Lines for Corrosion at Pipe Supports Inspections and Interventions – Day 1 at 15.35

  • A pro-active approach to addressing Corrosion at Pipe Supports can reduce turnaround time & costs
  • It can also prevent unplanned shut-downs and extend pipeline assets service lifespan
  • The presenters will describe a new jacking system enabling inspection & maintenance of multiple contact points on live pipes backed by Engineering and Safety Procedures

Lonnie Tiegs, Director, KuduJacks (Pty) Ltd
Fanie Cordier, Tank Farm Manager, Sasol Energy South Africa


The Low-Cost Revamp that Extended the Run Length of PTTGC’S VDU – Day 2 at 11.00

  • Objective: Increase VDU run length at the South East Asia refinery by de-constraining frequent fouling of the wash section
  • Key changes: Convert the wash section from two stage to single stage and install Shell SchoepentoeterTM Plus inlet device
  • Benefit: Unit run length extended to three years or more

Kaushik Majumder, Distillation & Thermal Conversion Team Lead, Shell Projects & Technology
Patthamika Chutichao, Senior Process Engineer, PTT Global Chemical


FlexicokingTM Technology and Application for Heavy Oil Upgrading – Day 2 at 11.25

  • Continuous fluidized bed process integrated with steam-air gasification for heavy oil and resid upgrading.
  • Commercially proven to produce valuable liquid products and converts coke to high-value clean fuel gas.
  • Proprietary technology designed to minimize capital investment and energy inputs while reducing emissions.

David Ayrapetyan, Licensing Manager, ExxonMobil Catalysts & Licensing
Liancai Chen, CEO, Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd


Maximising Diesel Throughput in HDT and ADU Revamp – Day 2 at 12.15

  • Tracking opportunity crude market to increase refinery profit margin
  • Revamp distillation columns to handle feedstock flexibility and varying process conditions
  • Maximize diesel yield in atmospheric column and hydrotreater to achieve dieselization initiative

Lee Siang Hua, Lead Process Engineer, Sulzer Singapore Pte. Ltd
Anusara Buacharoen, Lead Process Engineer, IRPC Public Company Ltd.


Fouling Mitigation – Day 1 at 15.35

  • Fouling in heat exchanger in refinery and mitigation solution
  • Visbreaker rundown anti-fouling HEX
  • Maximize refinery profitability by extending run length of visbreaker rundown HEX

Jay Jeong, Refinery Market Manager Global Technology, Alfa Laval Lund AB
Thanawat Upienpong, Process Engineer, PTT Global Chemical

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