Abstract Topics

Call for papers is now open and the deadline for submitting an abstract is the 19th January. 

Below is the list of topics for this year’s Call for Papers:


  • Refinery-Petrochemical integration opportunities
  • “New or advances in petrochemical processes
  • Technologies to upgrade residues to petrochemical products
  • New routes to Olefins – technical and economic opportunities


  • Energy efficiency and energy recovery technologies
  • Carbon management and emissions control technologies and process solutions
  • Waste water management and treatment
  • Fuel oil specification changes and effects on markets
  • CO2 reduction

Refining technology and innovation

  • New or advances in refining processes
  • Bottom of the barrel upgrade and conversion processes advances
  • Process control and optimization
  • Ionic technology and alkaline reduction
  • Process safety – heightened reliability, inspection, CMS systems, monitoring


  • Catalyst advances and catalyst management
  • Catalyst recycling technologies
  • High severity FCC
  • Hyroprocessing catalysts
  • On-purpose” production technologies e.g. propylene production, butadiene, etc


  • Maintenance, control and operational platforms
  • Asset life cycle management software
  • Supply chain – inventory management, forecasting and demand planning software
  • System integrators
  • Cyber security
  • Sales, marketing and customer experience management

Crude blending

  • Equipment and systems
  • Composition tracking and inline ration control
  • Multi-period blend planning
  • Equipment tracking and control
  • Blending software

All Abstracts should be submitted to Nick on by Friday 19th January using the Submission Form provided.

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