Dr XU Youming

Regional Representative of Technology and Marketing

Xu Youming is the SINOPEC Regional Representative of Technology and Marketing, with responsibilities of SINOPEC refining and petrochemical technology promotion in Asia regional as well as CIS. As an oil processing research engineer, XU has over 30 years experience in oil refining industry, especially in R & D of hydrotreating process and catalyst and accumulated rich experience both on laboratory and on-situ technical service.

During the last 10 years, XU has worked on SINOPEC clean fuel production and petrochemical technology promotion, such as ultra-low sulfur gasoline, diesel production as well as residue upgrading, ethylene cracking and light olefin production. XU has a Ph. D degree in Chemical Process Technology from East Chinese University of Science and Technology, published over ten papers and several granted patents.

Dr XU Youming will be speaking at:

SINOPEC bottom of the barrel to clean fuels

2017/03/30 14:40 - 15:00

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